One of our favorite trends in technology is the smart home system, which allows homeowners to control different parts of their homes, such as the front door, the thermostat, lighting, music, and television, from their cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices. Not only can a smart home system make your life much more convenient and comfortable, but your family will also be safer because of security features like doorbell cameras that provide 24/7 smart home controlstreaming videos that you can access at any time from your phone, iPad, or tablet. If you are considering ways to make your home smarter, Soby One Home Services is the best place on the Cape to find the perfect smart home system for your family. You can depend on our team of expert professionals to make sure that your new smart home system will be easy to use. We are proud to offer smart home systems from trusted companies such as ELAN, which seamlessly integrates all of your connected systems so that you will never have to worry about having to navigate between as many as ten different apps and remotes. Once you have decided on the right smart system for your home, you can count on it being properly installed in your home by one of our MA Master and Journeyman Electricians. We have been trained and certified as Nest Pro installers, and we will not leave before we make sure that you know exactly how to use your system. We would like to tell you more about what our smart home system services can do for you.

How does the ELAN Smart Home System work?

This system allows you to automate your home by connecting and operating various systems, devices, features, and appliances through electronics. Through one central ELAN controller, you will be able to have total control of your lighting system, your heating and air conditioning ventilation system, the locks on your doors and windows, your security cameras, and your audio and video entertainment systems. Our professional technicians at Soby One Home Services will install on-wall touch panels that allow you to use your smart home system, and you can also access your automated home through the ELAN remote control device as well as your smartphone. Since everything is connected to the Internet, you can control your smart home system anytime from anywhere in the world. You can set up notifications from your system to immediately alert you to anything that might require your attention, such as a security breach or a weather warning. One of our favorite benefits of the ELAN Smart Home System is the wide range of information it can give you about your home, such as your energy usage, what times your family members come home, and who armed the security system. You can set up your video doorbell camera to provide a live feed that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and a network video recorder will save this feed in case you need to review any footage. For over 25 years, ELAN has been connecting smart homes, and we are very proud to be certified and trusted ELAN dealers.

What are my options to include in my smart home system?

When it comes to security, Soby One Home Services can help you make your home so much smarter with our smart home system services. If you have ever been accidentally locked out of your home, you will love smart door locks like the Nest X Yale lock. All you need to unlock your front door is a passcode, and you can easily check the Nest app on your phone to make sure that your home is locked. You will also be alerted if anyone tries to tamper with your lock. With a smart door lock, you will never have to worry about making extra house keys for guests, house sitters, or neighbors. We also install smart outdoor and indoor Nest Cams that make home surveillance so easy and convenient. You can check your feed at any time, and the built-in speaker and mic allow you to let UPS or FedEx know that they can leave the package at your door if you are not at home. Your safety can also be increased through your smart home system by connecting your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms to it, and you will be alerted to any sort of problem that occurs, no matter where you may be.

Your smart home system can also make your home more comfortable and cozy with a programmable thermostat. With features like Auto-Away and Auto-Schedule, you can save money and energy by automatically changing the temperature when no one is at home. We also like that you can see how much money and energy you are saving by looking at your usage. You will get a report that shows you exactly how much energy you are using, and this report also includes customized tips on where you can save even more money and energy. Other options you have to include in your smart home system are lighting, smart plugs, and your entertainment system.

Imagine a world where you can set up the scene in your home to be waiting for you to return from work. Soby One Home Services can make this your reality with our professional smart home system services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment with our certified experts and find out more about how we can simplify your life with our smart home system services.