Portable Generators — Power You Can Take With You

If you’re looking for a powerful portable generator that can run the heat, refrigerator, and some of the lights when the power goes out — and power those family vacations in the RV during the summer — we can help. We offer top-notch portable generators that provide clean power.

Why does clean power matter?

Well, in short, the cleaner the power, the more consistent the appliances and tools being powered will be and the longer they’ll last. If the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the generator is high, the equipment that the generator is powering could be damaged or unreliable in terms of performance. This is especially true of today’s modern electronic boilers and other home electronics. 

We won’t bore you with more electrician talk, but to protect your equipment and your investment, you should select a generator with a THD of less than 5%.

What else should you consider when shopping for a portable generator?

  1. Noisiness. Let’s face it, some generators can be so darn noisy. And sometimes, that’s a problem. For example, if your neighbors home is close by will they call to complain every time you fire up the generator? Or will it keep the kids up at night? Why have a portable generator if you can’t use it when and where you need it?
  2. Power. How much power do you need for what you’ll be using your portable generator for? 800W? 8,000W? Honda has a great post that can help you add up the wattage of everything you’ll need to power so you can make the best decision for your needs.
  3. Power consistency. Some generators are more consistent in terms of power output than others. Obviously you want to avoid surges and power fluctuations, as these can damage both the generator and the important (and expensive) appliances you’re powering with that generator. So make sure voltage is highly regulated in the generator you choose.
  4. Efficiency. The more fuel efficient your generator, the longer you can run it without refueling. So don’t just look for the most powerful portable generator out there, look for the most efficient!
  5. Easy start, easy move. Especially with portable generators, size, weight, and ease of use is key. So make sure your generator has an electric start if that’s important to you, and that it’s manageable in size and weight so you can take it where you need it, when you need it and store it when you don’t. 
  6. Quality. Portable generators can run between $500 and $3,000 or more. But as you can imagine, there are more differences between the lowest-end model and the highest-end model than just the price. Make sure you do your research and invest in a quality portable generator that’s built to last. Otherwise, you’ll end up investing even more money over time.

Honda Portable Generators — Reliable, Long-Lasting Power You Can Count On

Here at Soby One Home Services, we’re proud to offer Honda’s best portable generators to our clients. These generators can be used to provide emergency power to your home or power up your recreational activities. What will you love about Honda’s portable generators?

  • They’re quiet.
  • They’re fuel efficient and have incredibly long run times (we’re talking 20 hours on one tank of gas in some cases!)
  • They provide consistent power and regulate voltage to prevent blips, spikes, and surges.
  • They’re compact and lightweight. Plus, some have two wheel kits to make moving your generator even easier.
  • They provide clean power, which means a longer service life for the generator itself and the appliances/equipment it’s powering.
  • They’re powered by reliable engines that are easy to start.
  • They’re built to last like all Honda products.
  • They’re backed by a comprehensive warranty and excellent support.
Honda Portable Generator

What’s Involved in Having a Portable Generator Pre- Wired and Ready To Go For A Power Outage?


  • First we will install a Transfer Switch in your basement next to your electrical panel.  We will bring the circuits you choose to run during a power outage to the Transfer Switch.
  • Next we will wire a heavy duty exterior generator receptacle at the location you will keep your generator when it’s running.
  • Under normal conditions the Transfer switch circuits will be powered by the utility power.  Once you lose power simply push a button on the transfer switch to change over to generator power.
  • Roll out your generator to the new generator receptacle and plug the generator into the receptacle (with the supplied cord we will give you)
  • Fire up the generator – That’s it.
  • The transfer switch even has a LED signal light to let you know when the utility power has been restored

Looking For The Right Portable Generator For Your Needs? We’re Here To Help

Looking to keep the family warm during the storm?Need to keep the sump pump going or the food in the fridge cool until the power in your home is restored? Simply connect your portable generator to your breaker panel and power up the things that matter most.

Truth is: life with a portable generator is just better. If you live in the Orleans area and you’re looking into portable generators and would like the advice of a knowledgeable and transparent MA licensed Master & Journeyman Electrician, call Soby One Home Services at 833-762-9663 or reach out to us here on our website. We’d love to help you make your decision with confidence and get everything set up for you. That’s what we’re here for!


Kohler standby generators are up to the task when you are in need of a generator to keep your electrical devices operating during a power outage.



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