Meet The Electricians Who Treat You Like You’re The Only Client

From day one, we’ve been determined to show our clients that, when you use Soby One, you’ll be treated as if you’re our ONLY client. We set out to be the absolute best technicians on Cape Cod. But that wasn’t enough for us…we needed more.

So, we created a set of core principles to guide our service and ensure we never stray from our original goal: to meet our clients’ needs and treat them like family. Everything we do — from the office staff and technicians to the managers and, of course, the business owner — reflects these principles.

Our Core Principles


No matter what. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. Everyone at Soby One knows this is a MUST if you want to work here.


We stock every van with drop cloths, vacuums, Windex, paper towels, and any other cleaning supplies we need. Every tech wears boot covers over his boots, so we know we’re not bringing in dirt from outside. They also all wear latex-free gloves so we don’t leave behind fingerprints. Our techs are trained to leave the work area cleaner than how they found it, and we’re real neat freaks. Lastly, our techs will never enter a room without asking your permission.

Soby One Electrical and Lighting


It’s not fun when you’re expecting a one hundred dollar invoice and then handed a one thousand dollar invoice instead. That’s not right, and it’s not how we do it. When we show up, we will take some time to diagnose the problem. From there, we will present you with exact pricing for the best solution IN WRITING.


We aim to get it right the first time and we pride ourselves on our quality of craftsmanship. If there is ever a mistake or something doesn’t work right, we are all over it. We warranty ALL of our work, 100% of PARTS and 100% of LABOR, so you can be confident you’ll be satisfied. We’ll make sure of it.


We demand our suppliers only offer us the best parts and equipment. We will not accept inferior parts just because they are on sale or discounted. All of our suppliers know better than to even ask. For us, it’s just one more way our clients can be confident they’re getting the absolute best parts, materials, and equipment for the job.


Our techs are trained to ask questions and then listen. Yes, listen! It is their job to ask you what you want and then figure out the best way to give that to you. If we have a suggestion, we will make it and then let you decide. That’s the way it should be and that’s how we do it.


We love what we do and we couldn’t do it without you. No one wants a grumpy electrician showing up at their home. We are there to cater to your needs and we will always do so in a cheery, friendly way.

Because we follow these principles, we have developed great relationships with thousands of clients from all over the Cape. It is our belief that, to run a successful business, you must SERVE first. If you do that, everything else falls into place. We take pride in our work and will always go the extra mile to make our customers happy. We hope someday we will have the opportunity to show you new and amazing possibilities for your home.

Meet The Owner — The Man With Electricity Flowing In His Veins

Here at Soby One Home Services, we joke that electricity flows through Michael’s veins. He grew up in a construction family: his dad is an electrician, his uncle is a general contractor, and he has a few uncles who are carpenters and one who is a plumber. While he didn’t think he would follow in his family’s footsteps in his younger years, now he can’t imagine doing anything else.

Michael started working with his dad on weekends and during the summer months at the age of 13. While all of his friends were hanging out at the beach or throwing a football, he was pulling wire, sweeping up job sites, and cleaning out the van. While it may have seemed unfair at the time, looking back, those early years built the foundation for his strong work ethic, and that’s not something he would have picked up at the beach.

Before committing to the electrical field, Michael built homes with his uncle, worked with a plumber, and even worked as a plasterer for a while. To this day, he still uses some of the knowledge gained on those jobs. But in the end, electrical was just a natural fit for him. So he set out to get his Masters license.

Once he did, he decided to start his own business, which is something he’d always wanted to do. He’d seen the friction that often exists between contractors and homeowners and he decided he would do things differently. He would work to eliminate that friction and build real relationships with his clients. His goal: to be the company you call because you know you’ll be taken care of like family, every time.

Today, not much has changed. Michael’s still committed to doing things differently and providing a client experience that supersedes the normal. But don’t worry, even though electricity flows through his veins, when he shakes your hand, you won’t get shocked.

Have questions or need to schedule an appointment? We’d love to hear from you! Simply give us a call at 833-762-9663 or reach out to us here on our website.


We invite you to contact us to start enjoying the benefits of working with the professionals at Soby One.


  • MA Master Electricians Lic# A20378
  • MA Journeyman Electricians Lic# B10097
  • EPA UNIVERSAL Refrigerant Certification# 1016561776310
  • Panasonic Gold Level HVAC Specialists
  • Nest Pro Installers
  • Insured

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