If you have been considering buying a new car, you have likely noticed how many different options of electric cars are available. According toElectric Vehicle Charging Car and Driver, more and more automobile companies are manufacturing electric cars because their benefits greatly outweigh their disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks people experience when purchasing an electric car is that it can be challenging to find a convenient charging station, especially for those who do not live in a major city. If this challenge is keeping you from even thinking about an electric car as an option, Soby One Home Services would like to tell you more about our professional electric vehicle (EV) charging station installation services. You can depend on our MA-licensed Master and Journeyman Electricians to help you decide which type of EV charging station is best for you and to follow the local codes and requirements when installing the station at your home or business. We would like to tell you more about the many advantages of electric cars as well as what you can expect from our professional EV charging station installation services.

What are the benefits of owning an electric car?

According to environmental experts, one of the biggest pollutants is the automobile because of all of the fumes and emissions it pumps into the atmosphere. In fact, statistics show that cars contribute at least one-fifth of the total global warming pollution in the USA. We know we need to greatly reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases that are emitted into the air; however, many of us depend on our cars to commute to work. Since electric cars have little to no emissions, they are much better for the environment. Another green benefit is that gasoline is a natural resource that is not a renewable energy, but electric cars can be powered by solar, wind, and water, which are all renewable resources. Not only will your electric car allow you to save precious energy, but you will also save money as electricity is less expensive than gasoline. Car and Driver states that the cost of operating electric cars is generally about a third of the cost of driving a gas-powered vehicle. You will also not have as many maintenance and repair expenses with an electric car. Since there is no need for oil, you will not have to schedule any oil changes, and you will need fewer brake replacements as electric cars use regenerative braking, which is easier on the brakes. Another economical advantage of owning an electric car is receiving a tax credit for driving a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Although the amount of the credit depends on the make and model as well as in which state you reside, you could receive as much as $7500 in tax credits.

What can I expect from Soby One Home Services when it comes to EV charging station installation?

While the benefits of owning an electric car do outweigh the drawbacks, you do have to consider how you will charge the battery of your vehicle. Not only can it be challenging to find convenient EV charging stations, but you will also need to take into account how long it will take to recharge the battery. Although the newer models of electric cars can be fully charged in as little as four hours, these models can be much more expensive than the average electric car, which could take up to 20 hours to charge completely. If this issue is keeping you from switching to an electric car, Soby One Home Services can help you with our professional EV charging station installation services. Our expert staff can show you the options that are available to you and help you decide which EV charging station will best fit your needs. After you have chosen your charging station, our MA-licensed Master and Journeyman Electricians will then check out the equipment to make sure everything is correct before installation and then inspect your electrical system to be sure you have the necessary power for your charging station. If needed, we can add a dedicated circuit for your station before installation. After we have installed the charging station, we will double check that it is operating properly, and we will show you how to best use your charging station. Think of how convenient it will be to be able to recharge your car every night while you sleep! If you ever have any problems at all with your charging station, you can always count on us to assist you with our professional electrical maintenance and repair services.

Are you ready to make the switch to an electric car? Contact us today at Soby One Home Services to find out more about our professional EV charging station installation services. Our MA-licensed Master and Journeyman Electricians are here for all of your home and office professional electrical needs.