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As the oldest town in Cape Cod and one of the oldest cities in the United States, you can bet that Sandwich has a lot of history. Many are drawn to this area because, despite its growing population, it still maintains a pleasant, quiet atmosphere that both citizens and visitors cherish and appreciate.

So, how do residents typically spend their day? Well, they may visit The Boardwalk or stroll through the Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen. The Hoxie House is another popular spot to visit, giving an in-depth look into one of the oldest homes in Cape Cod. Enjoy museums? Then, the Heritage Museums & Gardens or the Sandwich Glass Museum may strike your fancy. Otherwise, a visit to Crow Farm is always enjoyable for the whole family and sure to never disappoint.

Eager to explore some dining options? Fishermen’s View, Cafe Chew, Marshland, Father’s Kitchen & Taphouse, Seafood Sam’s, Amari, British Beer Company, and Next Door Burger Bar are all great choices. And don’t miss out on Sandwich’s shopping scene. Some shops around town include Heart of Stone, Wish Gift Co., Painted Daisies, The Spotted Cod, Seaside Boutique, Design By Consign, The Black Purls Yarn Shop, Thru The Years, and Snow Goose Gift Shop of Cape Cod.

Sandwich is over 375 years old, so taking proper care of it and preserving its charm, character, and history is a priority for homeowners and business owners all throughout the area. We are proud to be a part of the crew that ensures communities stay as safe and as comfortable as possible, no matter how old their properties may be. So when you need electrical, lighting, or related services, call on Soby One Home Services.

Eager To Reap The Benefits Of A Back-Up Generator? We Can Install Yours

If you find yourself without power, whether it is due to construction, bad weather, blackouts, or something else, it can be challenging or even impossible to heat food, charge electronics, read after dark, wash clothing or dishes, or shower with warm water. If you own a farm or live in the countryside, this situation can be especially devastating. Because of this, many people in the area choose to invest in a generator.

If you want to guarantee your home some extra protection and give your family members peace of mind, then rely on our team to provide you with an appropriate generator for your needs. We realize that requirements and preferences vary, so we will be available to answer your questions and address any unique concerns you may be experiencing. We also pride ourselves on being upfront and honest about what to expect from your unit, and we will follow up with you down the line as well to make sure you’re happy with the work we’ve done and the equipment we’ve provided. It’s all about giving you the tools necessary for living a safer and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Once your generator is in place and ready to go, ask us about our lighting design and installation services. We offer the following services for your home:

Lighting Design & Installation


Air Conditioning
Smart Home Installation
Audio Video

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