We Can Take Care Of Every Aspect Of Your Smart Home Installation & Make Sure It’s Done Right

Don’t you wish life were easier? That things just worked like magic — you could come home after a long day, wave a magic wand, and be safe, secure, and comfortable inside? Well, converting your home into a smart home isn’t magic, but it will feel like it.

As Nest Pro Installers, we’ve seen the big difference little changes can make in helping our clients feel safer, more secure, and more comfortable at home, and we love it.

Are you ready for a connected home and a more convenient, secure home life? Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can make your home smarter, so you can relax harder.

Nest Doorbell
Nest Outdoor Cam
Nest X Yale lock
Nest X Yale lock

Smart Door Locks

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out of the house. A world where you don’t have to fish through the keys on your keyring while trying not to drop the bag of groceries you have in one arm or wake the napping toddler in the other…

With smart locks like the Nest X Yale lock, you don’t need a key — you just need a passcode, and voila, you’re in. You can even unlock the door before getting out of the car, so it’s even easier to get in and get that sleeping angel tucked in and those groceries put away. Heck, you might even have some time for yourself. A parent can dream!

Not sure if you locked the door during your rush to make it to the airport? No worries. Just open the Nest app on your phone and if it says the door is unlocked, simply lock it from there. It’s as easy as that.

What makes these smart locks so great is that:

  • They’re secure
  • They’re tamper-proof and key-free
  • They can be locked, unlocked, and monitored from anywhere
  • They’re sleek, attractive, and user-friendly
  • You don’t have to worry about making extra keys for house guests, family, or the sweet neighbors who always dog sit for you

The Nest X Yale lock is the revolutionary way to keep your home secure. It provides peace of mind by letting you know when someone has unlocked the door and alerting you when someone has attempted to tamper with the lock.

One question people often have is, “What if the batteries die and I get locked out of my house?” Don’t worry — you’ll always have plenty of warning when batteries need to be replaced. The lock itself will alert you via voice and a red light, and your central hub (iPad or tablet) will also warn you when battery power is low. If for some reason you can’t replace the batteries in time, you can always use a 9V battery to give the lock just enough juice to get inside.

Video Doorbells

Want security that you can see? With a video doorbell like the Nest Hello doorbell, you’ll know who’s at your door even when you’re not home. The 24/7 streaming allows you to look at what’s going on outside your door at any time of day or night, all from the convenience of your smart phone, iPad, or tablet. You can even go back and look at a previous time period.

Whether you want to see if the package you’ve been waiting for has arrived or you want to make sure your teenage daughter’s boyfriend doesn’t come over while you’re out of town, a smart video doorbell will do the trick.

Smart Cameras

Nest also offers smart indoor and outdoor cameras (the Nest Cam), which make home surveillance and security easy and convenient.

Nest Cam Outdoor

These discreet cameras provide picture-perfect video of your property, rain or shine, day or night, thanks to the all-glass lens. But what really makes these cameras great is that you don’t have to be watching your property — your smart camera will do it for you.

The Nest Cam outdoor can alert you to suspicious activity and suspicious sounds (like a window break) and keeps a 30 day record so you can go back and view any day or night in the past month. If the camera believes someone is on your property sneaking around, you’ll get an alert so you can check your feed and see if someone is there who shouldn’t be. And thanks to the built- in speaker and mic, you can speak into the app and frighten them off.

But the speaker and mic aren’t just for deterring potential burglars — you can also use them to let the UPS or FedEx worker know they can leave the package at the door when you’re not home to greet them. All from your central hub tablet, iPad, or smart phone.

With features like person alerts (when a Nest Cam detects a person), activity alerts (when activity is noticed in a specific area — like near the safe), and the ability to save and share clips from your feed, the Nest Cam really does provide peace of mind like no other security system can.

And of course, the Nest Cam outdoor is weatherproof and plugs directly into a power source, so you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries.

Nest Cam Indoor

Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, the Nest Cam Indoor is discreet and provides picture-perfect video of your home, day or night. It alerts you to motion and sound, and you can use the mic and speaker to tell your bookworm to put the book away and go to bed or gently remind Ruffles that the couch is not his scratching post. You can even check in on the baby and nanny while your at work, so you don’t miss any of the important moments.

With the Nest Cam Indoor, you get 24/7 live streaming that lets you know your home and everyone and everything in it is safe. Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, it features person alerts, activity alerts, and the ability to save and share clips from your feed. And since it plugs directly into a power source like the Nest Cam Outdoor, you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying and leaving your home unprotected.

Smart Smoke/CO Alarms

A smart home should be a safe and secure home, and that means you need more than just cameras on the property. You need reliable smoke detectors and CO alarms that you can monitor through your central hub iPad or tablet.

That’s what Nest’s Nest Protects wire-free smoke alarms/carbon monoxide detectors are for. These alert you to dangers on your iPad or tablet, so you’ll know if there’s a problem, even when you’re not home. No paying a security company for monthly monitoring. No more panic when you’re out of town. You’ll know if one of the reliable combo CO detector/smoke alarms in your home goes off so you can act fast.

For the most reliable smoke and CO protection with the least amount of nuisance alarms Soby One recommends Kidde’s Intelligent Addressable Fire Protection System. Most addressable systems require new wiring but Kidde designed theirs to utilize existing wiring to old detectors

Benefits include all of these:

  • local or remote monitoring
  • Easy Identification of initiating device
  • Low profile detectors
  • Replaceable optical chamber. Rather than replacing a detector because too much dust got inside, just swap the optical chamber.
  • And of course no more waking up at 2AM in the middle of the night to a frightening siren all due to a false alarm

Smart WiFi Thermostats

Considering that your thermostat is responsible for almost half your energy bill, a few minor adjustments could mean big savings over time. But constantly monitoring and adjusting your thermostat is annoying, and if you turn it down when you head out for the day, you’ll be uncomfortable for a good while when you return back home. Plus, it can be hard to tell where and when you’re wasting energy.

Even programmable thermostats don’t totally solve the problem. Thankfully there’s a solution to both the waste and the discomfort associated with traditional thermostats.

Smart WiFi thermostats like the Nest thermostat make it easy to adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere, and they actually learn from you and help you save money. After a few days of you manually adjusting the thermostat to meet your comfort needs, the Nest thermostat will create a heating/cooling calendar that’s custom to you. It learns what you like.

Smart Home Control

These thermostats have these smart features:

  • Auto-Away — Your Nest thermostat will notice when you’ve left the home and can automatically turn the temp to an “away” temp that you’ve decided on. That way, you can save money without even thinking about it. You can also set your Nest thermostat to away when you’re headed out of town for that much needed vacation.
  • Auto-Schedule — Leaving your thermostat set to the same temperature all day is wasteful, but with auto-schedule, you can start saving by conserving energy when it’s not needed. The auto-schedule is the result of the Nest thermostat learning what temps you like and when, and you can always make changes from your central control hub tablet or iPad.
  • The Nest Leaf — The Nest leaf encourages you and shows you exactly how to save energy, by appearing when you’ve chosen a temperature that can save energy. After all, the hardest part of saving energy is knowing where it’s being wasted and what to do about it.
  • Energy History — Want to see how much money you’re saving on utilities and where you can improve your energy savings? No more guessing. The Nest thermostat will provide you with an energy report and custom energy saving tips, so you know just how much energy you’re using and where you can cut down.

Nest even offers temperature sensors for individual rooms. These discreet sensors can be placed on walls or shelves to make sure your favorite rooms are just right the moment you walk in.

Lighting Control

As lighting experts, you didn’t think we would leave lighting out of our smart home offerings, did you? Of course not! We proudly install automated lighting, shades, fan control, and audio vidoe control from Lutron.

Industry leader, Lutron, works with a variety of smart home devices (including Nest), and can even be used to dim normal light bulbs. Create a custom scene for your mood by selecting the lighting mode that makes the most sense for the moment.

Lighting control allows you to make sure every area of the home is properly lighted as needed for productivity, comfort, safety, and security. Plus, it helps save energy and makes your home a more comfortable place.

These lights are so smart they even track the sunset. So when winter comes and it starts getting dark before you’re even home from work, the lights will be on for you when you get home.

Picture this all-too-familiar moment: The movie’s starting and you need to turn off a light to get rid of the glare on the TV. But you’re already under a gravity blanket and you’re so comfortable you just can’t stand the idea of moving. So don’t. Just use the central smart home hub on your iPad or tablet to turn the offending light off, and enjoy the movie.

Smart Plugs

Nothing’s more frustrating than a disconnection in a connected home — smart plugs solve that problem. Smart plugs are outlets that you plug appliances and devices into so that you can control everything from a single, central hub. Simply use your iPad or tablet to set preferences and schedules, and connect all of your devices for easy, complete control. No more wasted electricity drawing from appliances when not in use. Problem solved. 

Scene Control

We all have our modes: Netflix & Chill mode, Sleepy Sunday mode, Post-Work Unwind mode, Weekend Party mode, Meditation/Yoga mode…But what if you could instantly set the scene for whatever mood you were in or event you were preparing for, without getting up from your seat? That’s what scene control is for. Using your central hub iPad or Tablet, you can set the scene without putting in the work.

Program a scene by determining the lighting, shades, music, TV, thermostat, and just about anything else in your smart home, and simply choose the scene and let your smart home do the rest. Life was meant to be this easy. And with our smart home installation experience and audio/video experience, we can make sure every scene is everything it should be.

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