Electrical Safety Inspections — The Key To A Safer Home

Here at Soby One Home Services, the safety of our clients in Orleans, Dennis, Truro, and the neighboring communities is of the utmost importance. We know that the hidden problems — issues with wiring in walls, circuits, and other electrical system components — are the problems that can pose the biggest threat to customer safety and comfort. That’s why we offer electrical safety inspections.

What Is An Electrical Safety Inspection?

An electrical safety inspection is an evaluation of your home’s electrical system — including the system’s wiring, appliances, and all other components. The purpose of an electrical safety inspection is to ensure that everything is set up and working as safely as possible.

Why Are Electrical Safety Inspections Important?

In 2012-2016, electrical failures or malfunctions accounted for 13% of home structure fires. Those fires accounted for the highest number of civilian deaths and property damage. In our view, that needn’t be.

We know that a lot of electrical fires can be prevented through electrical safety inspections, which is why we are doing our part to spread the word about the importance of these inspections, and to provide the most thorough, accurate inspections possible.

Electrical Safety Inspections

When Is An Electrical Safety Inspection Needed?

So when should you schedule an electrical safety inspection for your home? These important inspections should be scheduled:

  • When you’re adding an appliance or circuit, or making another important change to the system
  • When you’re buying or renovating a home
  • If your home is 40+ years old

What Does An Electrical Safety Inspection Check?

When performing an electrical safety inspection, our MA licensed Master & Journeyman Electricians follow the National Electrical (NEC) code, so you can be confident the examination will be thorough and the assessment will be accurate.

We’ll assess all aspects and components of the electrical system, looking for things like :

  • Mistakes or improper work done by previous homeowners or contractors
  • Wiring and other electrical components that need to be replaced or updated
  • Potential fire hazards and electrocution hazards
  • Improper surge protection
  • And more

What Does An Electrical Safety Inspection include?

  • Electrical Service
    • Check electrical connections at electric panel
    • Check all ground and neutral bar terminals
    • Check all circuit breaker wire terminations
    • Check temperature at each circuit breaker and main lugs
    • Check meter socket, riser cable, service entrance conductors for wear and tear, check cable connections and check to see if ithey’re watertight
    • Visually inspect utility company point of attachment for loose or damaged wire or connections
  • Grounding System
    • Check that the ground is sized and installed properly.
    • Check for 2 ground rods in place and connected properly with appropriate size ground wire and connected to panel properly.
    • Check water pipe system is grounded.
    • Check interconnected bonding system is installed and is grounded properly
  • Interior – Devices
    • Check smoke & CO detectors for age (Under 10 years for smokes and 5 years for CO detectors
    • Check smoke and CO detector batteries
    • Check for GFCI protection where required and test GFCI devices to verify they are working properly
    • Check receptacles with a tension tester
    • Check receptacles to make sure they are grounded-type receptacles
    • Check receptacles to make sure they are electrically grounded
    • Check all switches and dimmers and make sure they are not broken or loose
    • Check temperature at switches and dimmers make sure they are not overheating
    • Check for broken or missing plates
  • Interior Misc
    • Check for and eliminate extension cords
    • Check for any loose or hanging wires
    • Check for any open or free-floating splices
    • Check for any old wiring – cloth romex – BX – Reduced ground wire – Knob and tube
    • Check for arc fault protection and verify all arc fault breakers and devices work properly
    • Check exhaust fans for proper operation and make sure they are vented properly
  • Heating and Cooling Electrical
    • Check all disconnects and shut off switches and make sure they are installed and secured properly.
    • Check for correct voltage at equipment.
    • Check to make sure exterior disconnects are watertight.
    • Check age and accuracy of thermostats
  • Exterior  
    • Check exterior lighting for water damage or broken glass
    • Check exterior plugs for GFCI protection
    • Check exterior receptacles for proper in-use covers and water damage
    • Check flood light motion sensor operation

When we’re done, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done, if anything.

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We can help with overhead or underground service upgrades to keep your electrical service safe and up to date.


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