Whole Home Surge Protection — Protection That Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

It’s common for homeowners to have multiple power strips in their homes — power strips designed to offer “surge protection” for their most valuable electronics. But the reality is, these power strips can only offer partial protection.

In severe situations (like a major surge or spike), a power strip may not protect your electronics, because the surge energy may be too high for the strip to effectively divert energy away from your electronics.

Plus, how many of your big, expensive appliances are plugged into a surge protector strip? You can’t exactly use a surge protector for your garage door opener or your HVAC system. What happens to the unprotected electronics in your furnace, washing machine, or dishwasher during a surge?

The reality is, you could find yourself in an inconceivable situation: a situation where you need to replace all of your devices and appliances because of a power surge. It’s a pretty terrifying notion when you think about the cost that would go into replacing everything from your Mac to your dishwasher. But what can you do?

Layering is the best way to prevent your appliances, TVs, and computers from frying. To layer surge protection in the home first start out with a whole-house surge protector. Typically these will bolt on directly to your main electrical panel. Which one to use will depend on the size electrical service you have but look for one with a high joule rating. Also look for one that can do the cable TV wire that feeds your house as well as the telephone/Data line feeding your house. After that I recommend using surge protecting receptacles at key locations like for the TV or where you plug in your computer. Even small kitchen appliances. Basically anywhere you have a valuable plugged in. If a surge receptacle is not an option you can always opt for a surge strip (good for behind the TV where a lot of accessories are plugged in). Be careful: not all strips are surge protection types and make sure you look for a high joule rating.

Well, the best way to fully protect yourself against such a nightmare is to consider investing in whole home surge protection. This is one of the many services our MA licensed Master & Journeyman Electricians provide to those in Orleans and the neighboring communities, and it can save you thousands of dollars.

Eaton Surge Protector
Eaton Surge Protector
Eaton Surge Protector

How Does Whole-Home Surge Protection Work?

Whole-home surge protection includes your TV and telephone, and it essentially works by relying on a surge protector at the breaker panel to direct excess energy (from the surge) into the ground instead of sending it to all of your appliances and electronics. This prevents surges from frying your appliances and costing you a fortune in replacements.

Whole home surge protection even protects your appliances against the little surges that happen without our noticing. Like surges as a result of utility changes to the power grid, when power is restored, when your AC kicks on, and when you use anything with a larger motor (like a vacuum or compressor).

Here at Soby One Home Services, we install whole-home surge protection from Eaton and Siemens, two trusted brands known for offering superior protection. The idea is that these surge protection systems bring the energy levels down to a place that your surge strips and appliances can handle.

As a result, it can protect your computers, cable/data, HVAC systems, phone, TV, kitchen appliances, shop/garage appliances, home studio equipment, and every other important appliance in your home when lightning, strong winds, and storms hit.

Protection Is Easy With Soby One Home Services

TVs are expensive. Computers are expensive. Kitchen appliances are expensive. Save money and protect yourself against severe power surges and the damage they can cause by calling Soby One Home Services at 833-762-9663 and scheduling a whole home surge protection consultation. We’re happy to help, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM!


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