Highlight Your Landscape & Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Landscape Lighting

Outdoor living is synonymous with “the good life.” But the lighting design of your landscape could be the difference between “Um, let’s take this party inside” and enjoying yourself so much that you don’t realize how long you’ve been sharing laughs and stories until you see the sun come peeking up through the trees.

Truth is, your landscape lighting should enhance your outdoor living space and highlight the beauty of your property. And if it’s done right, it will.

But it does take some knowledge of the types of lighting available and their effects and placement needs to get it right.

The good news is, the team here at Soby One Home Services has the knowledge and expertise to turn your vision into reality. Just share that vision with us and we’ll come up with a lighting design plan to make it happen.

Our MA licensed Master & Journeyman Electricians have years of experience, an eye for lighting design, and access to the very best landscape lighting products available.

We proudly sell and install RAB and Volt Landscape lighting, which includes a variety of light options in styles like classic, craftsman, and impressionist.

  • Directional Lights — Directional lights are exactly what they sound like. They shine light in one direction and direct light onto specific areas of your landscape and property that you’d like to highlight. These can be great for illuminating trees, bushes, or rock gardens on your property. 
  • Deck & Wall Lights — Deck and wall lights can be used to illuminate hardscape for the safety of your guests arriving after dark and create a welcoming vibe on your deck in the evenings.
  • Path Lights —Path lights give the walkway to your door or the walkway through your garden a warm glow after dark. Safety and comfort you can see.
  • Wash Lights — Wash lights provide more light than directional lights, and serve to “wash” your landscape in light. These are great for lighting up your home’s exterior.
  • Well & Ground Lights — Well and ground lights are like recessed lights for the outdoors. These make great additions to gardens, mulch beds, and other areas of the property.
Landscape Lighting

Call Today For A Lighting Plan That’s Customized For Your Landscape

Ready to enhance your outdoor living space and landscape with landscape lighting? Call Soby One Home Services at 833-762-9663 or reach out to us here on our website. We serve those in Orleans and the surrounding communities, and we’ll meet with you to assess your property and talk with you about your lighting goals and needs. Once we’ve met with you, we can create a lighting plan and take care of every aspect of installation, so you know it’s done right. And thanks to our 100% warranty on parts and labor, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Rely on our lighting design and installation expertise to create the right plan for security lighting on your property.


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