Conserve Energy & Set The Right Mood With Lutron Lighting Controls & Dimmers

Different moments call for different levels of light, which is why you need lighting that’s easily controllable and dimmable. We’ve got you covered. We install lighting controls and dimmers from Lutron, the leader in lighting control and LED compatible dimmers.

Lighting Controls and Dimmers

As experienced, MA licensed Master Electricians and Journeyman Electricians, we have the electrical knowledge necessary to ensure that the dimmers and lighting controls are installed properly and working as designed, so you are 100% satisfied with the lighting in your home.


Did you know that not all dimmers are compatible with LED lights? That’s why you’ll often see LED lights flicker after a dimmer is installed. And if your lights flicker every time you dim them, what’s the point of having a dimmer? There’s nothing soothing or calming about flickering lights.

With LED dimmers from Lutron, the flicker is minimized, allowing you to dim your LED lights, save energy, and set the mood with ease.

What do you get? Total control over the lighting in your space, without worrying about safety or annoying flickering issues.

Lighting Controls

Total home control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light as well as the power used by appliances in a room or throughout your home. We use dimmers like Lutron Maestro to dim individual fixtures, but to really create something special we use Lutron Caseta.

With Lutron Caseta not only can you dim specific lighting in your home, but you can combine dimmers together to create scenes. With lighting scenes the possibilities are endless. Some popular ones are GOOD NIGHT – wouldn’t it be nice to press a single button by your bedside just before climbing into bed to shut off all the lights in the house.

Do you like to entertain? How about an ENTERTAIN scene? As the first guest arrives just hit a single button and automatically have the kitchen lights dim down to 75%, the dining room lights dim to 60% and the living room lights dim to 35%. Now that’s what we call setting the mood.

Then there’s the WAKE UP scene. Set it up so when its time to wake up your bedroom lights gently come on to the level of brightness you want. At the same time your bathroom lights and the path to the kitchen lights come on. You could even set it so your coffee maker starts when you wake up. Whatever makes sense for you, we can make it happen.

These are just a few of the possibilities that we can make a reality for you. The only limit is your imagination. With Lutron Caseta not only can you dim fixtures and create scenes but you can do it all from you phone as well.

For complete whole-home control, we use Lutrons Radio Ra 2 system. With RadioRa2 you have all the benefits that come with Lutron Caseta but in addition you get complete control of Lighting, Appliances, HVAC, Audio and Video and Shades. Everything can be controlled through the RadioRa2 system. Never before has it been so easy to create such an elegant space that works so efficiently with complete home control all at your fingertips or the sound of your voice.

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