We Design & Build YouTube Studios For Creators On The Cape

Are you a creator building a following with your own YouTube audience? Appearance is everything, and we can help make sure you look and sound like a real professional by designing and building your YouTube studio.

YouTube Studio

Step One: We listen.

That’s right, we actually listen to our clients! We want to make sure the finished product meets your needs perfectly, which is why we start by simply listening to you. What problems or concerns do you have? What are the #1 things you need in your studio? What’s your budget? What’s your channel like?

Step Two: We design & build.

Once we’ve listened and made sure we fully understand your needs and wants, we’ll come up with a design that fits both your needs and your budget. The design will include each of these:

  • Lighting — As lighting experts, we can make sure you have the amount and type of lighting needed to achieve the look and feel you’re going for with your videos. We’ll take into consideration where your cameras will be (to ensure the best lighting and avoid shadows), what the vibe of your channel is, and the lighting effect you have in mind. Recording at noon one day and at midnight another? We can install dimmers, switches, and shades for total control over lighting and the best looking videos any time of day. Don’t worry, your videos will look professional and consistent — we’ll make sure of it. (Something to consider: While LED lights typically cost more than other lighting options like incandescent bulbs, LED lights could save you money on energy bills, provide better, more consistent lighting, and keep you from feeling like you’re under a heat lamp during those longer recording sessions.)
  • Outlets & Electrical Wiring — If you have long cords running the length of the room or hanging around to make your studio “work,” it’s not only going to look unprofessional, it’ll feel unprofessional. And unfortunately, that will affect your viewership! We’ll make sure you have plenty of outlets where needed and that your studio is wired in a way that makes sense and prevents the need for extension cords and other unattractive electrical components.
  • A/V — Have specific audio video needs for your studio? We have an A/V expert on staff who can make sure your studio is equipped with everything you need so it turns out exactly as you imagine it.
  • Cameras & Computers—We know that angles are everything, and you may want to have cameras in multiple locations so you can get B-roll shots and keep the eyes of your viewers engaged throughout your videos. We also know you need a place to edit all your videos, without rearranging your studio or messing with the location of any key elements. Don’t worry — our design will take all of this into account and make sure you’re set up and ready to hit record.
  • Background — When designing your YouTube studio, we’ll consider what will be seen in the different cameras and ensure that the background is professional, consistent with your brand, and non-distracting.
  • Sound control — Of course it doesn’t matter how good you look if the sound quality of your videos is bad. So yes, we take care of that aspect of design as well, including acoustic panels, acoustical caulk, an extra layer of drywall and/or insulation, and other soundproofing elements in the building of your studio. And of course the wiring in your studio will be designed to prevent any audio issues.

And don’t worry, our services don’t end with design — we can build the studio, too. That means you don’t have to worry about elements getting lost in translation or the end result being completely different from your plans.

Call Today To Get Started On Your Dream YouTube Studio!

No matter the scope or budget of your project, the MA licensed Master & Journeyman Electricians here at Soby One Home Services can make sure the end result is perfect for you. To discuss your YouTube studio project with us, simply reach out to us here on our website or give us a call at 833-762-9663. We’re happy to help, no matter where you are in Orleans, Truro, Yarmouth, or a neighboring area.

Psst! We can also provide whole-home surge protection to keep your YouTube studio and the expensive equipment in it protected during power surges. Just ask!


For those times when the electrical service goes out, be ready with your own back-up generator.


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