When it comes to your least favorite home maintenance chores, changing light bulbs can be high on that list, especially if you must get out a ladder to be able to reach them. If you dread having to climb up that ladder to put in new light bulbs, Soby One Home Services has an excellent option for you with our LED Lightingprofessional LED lightning conversion services. As the leading lighting experts on the Cape, you can trust our MA licensed Master and Journeyman Electricians to make the switch to LED lighting as easy and as painless as possible. As part of our specialized LED lighting conversion services, we offer several options, which include swapping incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting, doing an LED retrofit in your existing recessed lighting fixtures, and installing integrated LED recessed lighting and downlights. Whether you live in Orleans, Yarmouth, Harwich, or another town on the Cape, our team of lighting professionals will take the best care of you and your home. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work, which is why we offer a 100 percent warranty of both our parts and our labor services. Over the past couple of decades, the popularity of LED lighting has grown remarkably, and they will continue to become more popular for several important reasons. We would like to tell you more about the advantages of converting your home lighting to LED bulbs and fixtures to help you consider making this switch and increase the energy efficiency in your home.


According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), LED lighting uses highly energy-efficient technology that could possibly dramatically change the future of residential lighting in this country. This type of lighting not only uses 75 percent less energy as incandescent bulbs but LED bulbs can also last 25 times longer. In fact, the widespread usage of LED lighting could make the greatest potential impact on saving energy in the United States, and by 2027, increased LED lighting choices could possibly save more than $30 billion at the electricity prices of today. LED lighting conversions could save as much as the equivalent of the electrical output of 44 major electric power plants at 100 megawatts each year.


One of the things that many homeowners do not like about changing their light bulbs is because of how hot incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs can be to the touch. It can be very frustrating to climb all the way up the ladder without remembering to bring a cloth to unscrew the bulb and keep yourself from getting burned. If the light bulb has been left on for a long period of time, it can be dangerously hot, and you could risk not only burning yourself but even possibly falling off the ladder after the shock of touching a hot light bulb. LED lighting remains relatively cool, so you will never have to worry about accidentally burning yourself. As a comparison, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs release 80 to 90 percent of their energy as heat while LED bulbs emit very low levels of heat. Since this type of lighting also lasts so much longer, you will also stay safer by not having to climb the ladder as often, which greatly reduces your risk of suffering from an accidental fall.


If you have been disappointed with how your incandescent light bulbs appear to wash out colors, Soby One Home Services would love to show you how our LED lighting options can provide better and more directly focused illumination in your home. Since LED lights can be adjusted to emit light in a specific direction, you will not need to use reflectors or diffusers, which can cause light to become trapped within the fixture itself. As part of our professional LED lighting conversion services, we provide the options of using your existing recessed lighting fixtures to do an LED retrofit as well as installing new integrated LED recessed lighting and downlights. According to recent estimates by the DOE, at least 500 million recessed downlights are installed in homes across the country, and each year more than 20 million recessed downlights are reported as sold. We can also install LED lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets to give you excellent task lighting for cooking and reading recipes. You can also save a great deal of both money and energy each and every holiday season by switching your Christmas tree lights from incandescent bulbs to decorative multicolored LED light strings.

With so many important benefits and options available, converting the lighting in your home to LED lighting will greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home. If you are ready to learn more about our professional LED lighting conversion services, contact us today at Soby One Home Services to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our MA licensed Master and Journeyman Electricians. We are here for all of your professional home lighting needs.